She’s frightened, upset, and uncertain – so distressed she can’t seem to sort it all out.

How can she be sure she’s really pregnant? What is she going to do? About family, school, work, finances, marriage? Who can she tell? Who can she talk to?

She needs someone who will listen and understand, not lecture or judge her. Someone who cares about her feelings and future, who will help her through her deep­est personal crisis. Someone knowledgeable, trained, experienced, skilled. Someone caring, warm, supportive, understanding.

She needs Birthright.

24 hour hotline: 1-800-550-4900

Birthright is independent, non-sectarian, and non-judgmental. Staffed around the clock by trained and understanding volunteers, Birth­right offers the help she needs—absolutely free and confidential:

  • free pregnancy testing
  • counseling
  • community resource information medical & legal referral
  • educational and vocational guidance, information on adoption & other alternatives
  • practical needs, maternity & infant items


Single or married, regardless of age, religion or race, she’ll receive the help she needs to face unexpected pregnancy—always free, always confidential, and always under­standing. And it all starts with just a phone call.