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Birthright Baby Bottle Campaign- April 2016

April 2 -3, 2016- St Mark’s Church Respect Life committee in Shoreham will host the annual Long Island Birthright baby bottle fundraiser in support of the babies and mothers in need. Baby bottles will be available after all masses. Your monetary change will assist our office in its critical mission to provide mothers an alternative to abortion. Thank you.


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5th Annual Poinsettia Fundraiser December 5th and 6th

Long Island Birthright is having its 5th annual poinsettia fundraising event at St. Anthony of Padua located in downtown Rocky Point on December 5th and December 6th after all Masses. These poinsettias are fresh and are in a 7.5 inch foil covered planter with a minimum of five to six very large blooms. They come in red, white and pink.  They can be purchased for a $10 donation.

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St. Judes Council Ladies Auxiliary Baby Shower-May 20, 2015

St. Jude’s Council Knights of Columbus Ladies auxiliary hosted its annual Baby Shower in support of the Long Island Birthright organization in downtown Rocky Point on May 20th , 2015 at 7pm. As seen in the below pictures the Baby Shower was an overwhelming success. We thank all of the Ladies Aux volunteers and thevery generous donors who gave so much in support of the Mothers and Babies in need.

St Jude's Baby Shower gifts

St Jude’s Baby Shower gifts

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Volunteer Counselors in Need

Birthright is in critical need of volunteer counselors to expand our limited hours of operation in support of pregnant mothers and babies in need. We will provide all of the necessary training. We request a minimum of 2 hours per day per week. Any day is available depending on your schedule. Please call our office at 631-821-9727 on Tuesday’s from 10am to 12pm for assistance. Thank you.

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Eagle Scout Project at Birthright Rocky Point


Eagle Scout Connor McGrath giving donation check to Long Island Birthright

President Connie LoMonte and Vice-President Christine Renna

  In March 2011, Connor McGrath of BSA Troop 200 in Williston Park,NYreceived approvals from the Nassau County Boy Scout Council and Long Island Birthright in Rocky Point to perform his Eagle Project. The Eagle leadership project is the final step to be awarded the distinguished rank of Eagle Scout. His project was comprised of two components; 1) Refurbish, repair and paint the offices of the Long Island Birthright organization in Rocky Point; 2) Conduct a baby shower campaign in support of Birthright’s needs of critical baby supplies and financial donations. Connor and several of his scouts completed the refurbishment of the offices in late May and concluded phase two during the early part of June. The Baby shower campaign was held at Connor’s family church St. Aidan’s inWillistonPark. He and his fellow scouts collected numerous baby supplies refilling our storage shelves and collected in excess of $3,000 in support of Long Island Birthright’s financial needs.

Long Island Birthright is extremely grateful for Connor’s outstanding leadership efforts and the parishioners of St.Aidan’s in supporting our life mission. Birthright is the alternative services chartered organization for pregnant women to abortion. We also provide critical new born children and their mothers clothing and supplies. Please see a listing of our services at



 Left to Right: Mimma Mignella, Secretary; Christine Renna, VP; Eagle Scout Connor McGrath; Connie LoMonte, President and Pat Galasso, Volunteer.

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New Calendar

Check out our new calender by clicking the link in the menu above. Thanks.

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Press releases

Check here for current articles regarding Birthright Long Island.

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From Grace Ann

Birthright has been a blessing in my life. I found myself unwed and pregnant. I was embarrassed. I have no family so I truly was alone and confused. My mother was also on hospice so I couldn’t turn to her for guidance as I would have in the past. The father did not turn out to be the supportive person I thought he would be. I also have no immediate family so I turned to Birthright. The day I made the phone call the counselor listened to me and realized I was not only pregnant but also grieving the soon to be loss of my dear mother. She found a counselor that could deal with all the issues I was facing.   Her name is Connie.

We met at the center and she answered all my questions.  She was able to understand the grief process I was going through and understood that all my emotions were intensified by the loss of my Mother. I worked through some deep rooted issues with her and I became less afraid of my future as a single parent. I learned to stay in the moment.  

On July 12, 2009 surrounded by my children and friends I gave birth to my beautiful son Luke Joseph at home. My gift from Heaven! He is here for a reason. He has a purpose at this time in history. My life will never be the same. My older children adore him and we are getting along just fine. We will be fine because we have each other.

I can’t imagine life with out Luke. I am thankful to my older children who have stood by my side through this whole situation. We have all had to sacrifice for Luke but not one of my children has ever complained.  They loved him from the moment I told them and the moment they held him in there arms.

I am thankful to Connie and Birthright for all eternity.  She is kind and compassionate. She gave me hope, she gave me love and she gave me life. I am so glad I didn’t call another place or listen to the negative people because I would not only have lost my mother but today my arms would be empty.

To all the ladies who find that you are in my situation I say choose life. You will never regret it. You may struggle sometimes but we all struggle. Life is what you make it so make it a great one.   You will not regret it when that little hand reaches up for yours, trust me. Call on Birthright! We are here for you.

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