From Grace Ann

Birthright has been a blessing in my life. I found myself unwed and pregnant. I was embarrassed. I have no family so I truly was alone and confused. My mother was also on hospice so I couldn’t turn to her for guidance as I would have in the past. The father did not turn out to be the supportive person I thought he would be. I also have no immediate family so I turned to Birthright. The day I made the phone call the counselor listened to me and realized I was not only pregnant but also grieving the soon to be loss of my dear mother. She found a counselor that could deal with all the issues I was facing.   Her name is Connie.

We met at the center and she answered all my questions.  She was able to understand the grief process I was going through and understood that all my emotions were intensified by the loss of my Mother. I worked through some deep rooted issues with her and I became less afraid of my future as a single parent. I learned to stay in the moment.  

On July 12, 2009 surrounded by my children and friends I gave birth to my beautiful son Luke Joseph at home. My gift from Heaven! He is here for a reason. He has a purpose at this time in history. My life will never be the same. My older children adore him and we are getting along just fine. We will be fine because we have each other.

I can’t imagine life with out Luke. I am thankful to my older children who have stood by my side through this whole situation. We have all had to sacrifice for Luke but not one of my children has ever complained.  They loved him from the moment I told them and the moment they held him in there arms.

I am thankful to Connie and Birthright for all eternity.  She is kind and compassionate. She gave me hope, she gave me love and she gave me life. I am so glad I didn’t call another place or listen to the negative people because I would not only have lost my mother but today my arms would be empty.

To all the ladies who find that you are in my situation I say choose life. You will never regret it. You may struggle sometimes but we all struggle. Life is what you make it so make it a great one.   You will not regret it when that little hand reaches up for yours, trust me. Call on Birthright! We are here for you.

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